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Lively is a conferencing service you can use to meet each other virtually. Its video, audio and screen sharing capabilities allow you to be in touch with everyone, everywhere and on every device.
Our experience built in your product!

Video and Audio calls

It’s possible to start or join a meeting just from the browser. Crystal clear audio and video in one on one or group calls.

Screen Sharing

Easy share your presentations and personal documents with the other ones. During you share your screen the other parties can still see you, which allows for a more personal communication.


On the conference whiteboard you can import images, draw and modify predefined figures or sketch your own free drawings. The best of it, you can allow the other parties to directly participate in this artistic process.

Why Lively

Use Lively in the car, in house, in the (home) office, at the client, on holiday – everywhere and on every device.


Keep your conversations private with industry standards. No installation, peer to peer and our determination to keep your privacy respected gives you the freedom of anonymity.

Free of charge

Lively doesn’t charge you for small group conferences. Enjoy an unlimited number of those meetings.

Easy to Start

Join or Host meetings on any device with ease. No installation of external software necessary.


Lively uses full browser security, so you and your conference are also well protected.


The equality is amazing, try it!


Participants are able to share information about themselves and others within the context of positive interaction on the Whiteboard.

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